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Skoks Raw Honey is exactly how nature intended honey to be. The honey is raw and still contains pollen. Not only do we have this beautiful product for sale through different venues but we also pride ourselves on the education of children and adults. Skoks Raw Honey has been invited to many garden clubs in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We have also done talks from pre-school children up to adults. During our talks we cover a wide range of topics but the most important one is the use of chemicals and the devastating affect this is having on these beautiful creatures. Our final service to people is to prepare and give the necessary skills that they will require if they wish to enter the exciting realm of Bee Keeping (Apiarists).

Educational Services

Browse our website to learn more about our educational and training services available from Skoks Raw Honey. Schools and Children can benefit from our educational talks.

Professional Services

Skoks Raw Honey provide a large range of standard and customised Bee Keeping services tailored to meet the demands of our clients requirements.

About Skoks Raw Honey

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Skoks Raw Honey offer handy tips, tricks and stories about our adventures as bee keepers. Follow our blog to stay up to date.