After numerous requests I have placed some Native bee box designs up for your reference.  The main aim is to keep the hives constant.  It is no good trying to do a split and adding a top or bottom to an existing hive and they do not match up correctly.

Above a slightly different design still has the same principles.

Dr Tim Heard design.

Personally, while I see the merits of the other designs I prefer to use Dr Heards design as it allows for a greater number of bees.  On many occasions while rescuing native bees the small design boxes just can not handle the brood size.


Bees – keeping natives and honey bees at home. Due to popular demand the native bee talk will be presented with a new twist. Get a chance to see these beautiful bees. Honey tasting of both native and European bee honey will be part of this talk. There will also be hive sales on the day for people ready to enter this fascinating hobby.  This workshop will be on the 25th of January from 1 pm – 3:30 pm.