WOW it’s hard to believe we’re in 2015 and January is nearly over.  The first of our exciting talks is about to start due to being invited to do a talk on bees for Club Banora Garden Club.  This is the second time we have been down to talk about the importance of bees in the environment.  Last time I concentrated mainly on European bees.  With the new year, and as promised, I have arranged to bring down a native bee hive which I will open – this will give the audience a rare insight to the workings of one of our native bee species and don’t forget your camera to get a photo or two.  There will be a little bit of honey on the hive which people will be able to taste and compare to the usual European Bee honey that we are so used to.  During the talk topics covered will be natural and introduced predators, why native bees are so important to Australia, what to do if you come across a hive and finally how to obtain a hive of your own.  This is only a 30 minute presentation so unfortunately we will not be able to go into much depth with the topic.  Finally, even though we do not have much of our raw honey at present due to demand, we have set aside some so those down at Banora can purchase some.  For those who would like to attend the talk, the Garden Club meet in the Tuscany Room at Club Banora, Leisure Drive, Banora Point.  I will start setting up at around 8:30 which is when the committee members get there.